RASC’s Finest NGC

The RASC’s Finest NGC Objects List is one of my favorite lists. I discovered it shortly after regaining my passion for astronomy in a systematic way and getting back out with my old 90mm. It is a list offered by the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. For more information consult their website: https://www.rasc.ca/finest-ngc

IC 289NGC 40NGC 185NGC 246NGC 253NGC 281NGC 457NGC 663NGC 772NGC 869
NGC 884NGC 891NGC 936NGC 1023NGC 1232NGC 1491NGC 1501NGC 1514NGC 1535NGC 1788
NGC 1931NGC 1975NGC 1977NGC 2022NGC 2024NGC 2172NGC 2194NGC 2237NGC 2261NGC 2359
NGC 2403NGC 2440NGC 2539NGC 2655NGC 2683NGC 2841NGC 2903NGC 3003NGC 3079NGC 3115
NGC 3184NGC 3242NGC 3344NGC 3384NGC 3432NGC 3521NGC 3607NGC 3628NGC 3877NGC 3941
NGC 4026NGC 4038NGC 4039NGC 4088NGC 4111NGC 4157NGC 4214NGC 4216NGC 4244NGC 4274
NGC 4361NGC 4388NGC 4449 NGC 4490 NGC 4517NGC 4526 NGC 4567NGC 4568 NGC 4605 NGC 4631
NGC 4656NGC 4699 NGC 4725 NGC 4762 NGC 5005 NGC 5033 NGC 5466 NGC 5746 NGC 5907NGC 6210
NGC 6369 NGC 6445 NGC 6503NGC 6520 NGC 6543NGC 6572 NGC 6633NGC 6712NGC 6781 NGC 6802
NGC 6818 NGC 6819 NGC 6826 NGC 6888NGC 6939NGC 6940 NGC 6946 NGC 6960 NGC 6992 NGC 6995
NGC 7000NGC 7009 NGC 7027 NGC 7129 NGC 7293 NGC 7331NGC 7635NGC 7662NGC 7662NGC 7789

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